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BiggerCake is made by avid Kickstarter backers and creatorswho love crowdfunding.

We’ve been building crowdfunding campaigns since 2013 as Tross. Meeting thousands of creators, helping over 150 campaigns raise over $100M . We’ve also backed hundreds of campaigns and waited eagerly to be the first to try new products and enjoy new creations.

We’re software geeks, so over the years we built more and more tools to help us run campaigns. At some point we decided to redesign and pack them for other people to use. That’s BiggerCake.

Your Success Means Everything to Us

Everyone at BiggerCake is motivated to help our customers run successful campaigns. We’re here for you from launch. That means providing quality products designed to help you hit the ground running. Your success is our success.

A Company You Can Trust

A lot of creators are new to crowdfunding, and relationships with service providers are mostly one-offs. This creates a good amount of disinformation, and some less-than-trustworthy actos.

At BiggerCake, we will always be fair, transparent and trustworthy. We truly believe that doing good is the best way to create a long standing business. That’s why we say things as they and treat your data with respect.

How We Protect Your Campaign’s Data

All of BiggerCake’s application and data infrastructure is hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS), a highly scalable cloud computing platform with end-to-end security and privacy features built in.

The data BiggerCake receives about your campaign is never used to promote other campaigns and is not saved anywhere but in relationship with your BiggerCake account.

How we use your campaign’s data:
- We collect your usage data to improve our products
- We perform high-level analysis of trends

Read more in our Privacy Policy

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